Facts About PewDiePie

Fact 1 : PewDiePie World's Most Subscribe Youtube Channel With 68.5 Million Subscriber on his Channel.

Fact 2 : PewDiePie World's most popular YouTube celebrity.

Fact 3 : PewDiePie earn around 20 Million Doller per year.

Fact 4 : PewDiePie's real name is Flix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.

Fact 5 : PewDiePie is a big supporter of independent video game producers.

Fact 6 : Originally, His YouTube channel was called "PewDie", hower upon losing his account password to the account, he registered PewDiePie.

Fact 7 : The word "Pew" is from the sound a laser gun, and die just mean the laser shot killed.

Fact 8 : In May 2013, He won the award for Swedish Social star during the Starcount Social Awards in Singapore. He then went on to win Most Popular Social show at same event.

Fact 9 : In October 2015 he made the list of richest YouTube stars hauling in a reported $12 Million.

Fact 10 : He won't hire an editor to edit his videos. He wants to do it keep the integrity of how a real YouTube video should be.